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Our History

Palestine Union Baptist Church is situated in the deep south of a quiet and tranquil community called The Forest.

The church was established in the late 1800’s with Mr. James Rolle of Thompson as its first leader. 

All other leaders and pastors up until 2006 (Leader Robert Ferguson, Rev. Hilton Ferguson, Rev Aaron Ferguson Rev. Ernest Ferguson and Rev. Clifford Ferguson) came from the Forest community. After the death of Rev. Clifford Ferguson in 2006 the church was pastored by the Superintendent of The Bahamas Baptist Union Rev. Dr. Charles Saunders with Rev. Cedric Smith as Interim pastor.

During the month of August 2009 the church saw it fitting to call and ordain its first young pastor Rev. Lynden Clarke.

During the early years the physical structure was built with a mixture of lime, sand and water. The roof was thatched with palm leaves while the windows were made out of wood. At nights they worshipped with kerosene lamps.

Under the third leader Rev. Hilton Ferguson the edifice was modernized and was among the best in the island at that time. In the early 21 century an extension was constructed in the back which house two rest rooms, a conference room and the secretary and pastor’s offices. This was started by Rev. Clifford Ferguson and completed by Rev. Cedric Smith. In addition the church was refurnished and air-conditioned.

Palestine has played and continues to play a pivotal role in the Exuma District convention. In 1956 when the District gave birth, Ernest Ferguson and Clifford Ferguson were elected youth leaders.

Additionally Deaconess Valerie Ferguson served as Women's President from 2006 to 2010 along with Sis Bernadette Ferguson who served as Chaplin . Presently Bro. Bradley Clarke is serving as 1st Vice President of the Youth Department while Sis. Prenell Ferguson serves as Asst. Secretary of the Women’ Department.

This church has come a long way. 

To God be all the glory